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Posted by Peter on 29th May 2009

Coming Soon: Maths Worksheets on Fractions, Divisibility and Multiplication

Half term is coming to an end and the sun has come out at last! During the next week we will have a great range of new maths worksheets coming out to match the lovely weather. Something for all year groups here, including a measurement page for Year 1, number squares for Year 2, multiplying […]

Posted by Peter on 27th May 2009

Maths worksheet: Long division p2

The second in our series of long division pages. These are very hard for primary school children and should not be attempted until they have a good knowledge of tables, multiplying and subtraction. Example: 789 divided by 36. First carry out an estimate of the answer. I think 789 divided by 36 is about 20. […]

Posted by Peter on 26th May 2009

Mistakes can make me feel better!

With well over 500 pages and a number of games I’m sure that mathsblog has made some errors that nobody has yet spotted. If you find anything please contact me and I will do my best to correct it as soon as possible. Meanwhile, I quite enjoyed seeing this little mistake in a published book […]

Posted by Peter on 25th May 2009

News: Cricket, a great game for maths!

Cricket – we love it! It’s going to be one of the best summer’s ever for cricket fans. Already we are into the West Indies tour. Later we have the ICC World Twenty20 Competition, quickly followed by the latest Ashes series. In schools, cricket is expanding again with the ‘Chance to shine’ (C2S) project, the […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd May 2009

Learning tables: 6x, 7x, 8x, 9x and 10x tables pg 2

This is the second page for tables 6 to 10. The idea is to fill in the grid as quickly as possible. The tens are easy, although never suggest that ‘add a naught’ will give the correct answer! The nines are interesting in that the digits have a digital root of 9 when added (1 […]

Posted by Peter on 21st May 2009

Year 1 worksheets: Counting up to 20

Here we have a very straightforward couple of pages with up to 20 sweets to count. We work hard with children when they first start to count but then tend to neglect this area of counting on past ten. The sweets have been laid out in such a way that there are rows of ten. […]

Posted by Peter on 20th May 2009

Year 5 Maths worksheet: More equivalent fractions

Here we have some more work on understanding equivalence in fractions. The first question looks at simple equivalence between halves, fifths, tenths etc and asks which fractions are less than a half. The quick way to work this out is to see if the top number (numerator) is less than double the bottom number (denominator) […]

Posted by Peter on 19th May 2009

Maths worksheet: Long division

Perhaps the hardest thing that children are asked to do in primary school is long division – and many children never master it, not even later in life. The main reason it is so difficult is that involves a number of stages, a good knowledge of tables and multiplication as well as subtraction. Looking at […]

Posted by Peter on 18th May 2009

Maths worksheet: Standard subtraction of 3-digits

Here is a basic set of subtraction questions using 3-digit numbers. They should be tackled in the standard method as described in earlier 2-digit subtraction worksheets. Notice that there are no zeros in the tens column as this can lead to particular problems and needs a set of questions all of its own. The last […]

Posted by Peter on 16th May 2009

Coming soon: long division, equivalent fractions and tables

Some pretty meaty stuff coming during the next week or so, including the standard method of long division. Many children never master long division, with good reason, as they need to be proficient in multiplication, tables and mental subtraction to succeed. We also have some equivalent fractions for Year 5 and the standard or efficient […]