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Posted by Peter on 31st July 2010

Key Stage 2 results

Key Stage 2 test results which will be released next week are expected to show that almost 40% of 11 year olds ‘failed’ to hit the national targets in reading, writing and maths. What can we read into results such as these? Actually, very little! Firstly, teachers at over 4000 schools (about a quarter) boycotted […]

Posted by Peter on 30th July 2010

Coming soon: Addition, counting and calculator game for 7x tables

Whilst the Primary Framework for Mathematics has little to say about addition of whole numbers in Year 6 it is still worth revising skills and developing fast technique, especially with mental arithmetic. Next week we have a consolidation page of adding three 2-digit numbers, using all the techniques developed so far. This is a follow […]

Posted by Peter on 29th July 2010

Maths worksheet: More multiplying decimals by 10 and 100

Here we have another page on multiplying decimal fractions by 10 or 100. The method used today is to move each number one place to the left when multiplying by ten and two places to the left when multiplying by 100. The decimal point does not move. I seem to remember moving decimal points around […]

Posted by Peter on 27th July 2010

Year 3 worksheet: counting in tens

These are a useful couple of pages for children entering Year 3 next term. Counting on and back will still be important in year 3, using up to three digit numbers. Grouping into tens or fives and using tally charts are both effective ways of counting larger numbers. Children seldom get a chance to count […]

Posted by Peter on 26th July 2010

How to add three 2-digit numbers in your head

Here we have a number of simple tips and practice at adding three 2-digit numbers mentally. By Year 6 children should have a wide range of techniques at their fingertips for adding mentally. Some of the tips on this page include: starting with the largest digit adding the tens before the units looking for pairs […]

Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2010

Coming soon: addition, counting and decimals

Next week we have a number of simple tips and practice at adding three 2-digit numbers mentally. Not the easiest task in the world and one beyond many adults, but there are a wide range of techniques children can have at their fingertips to make this easier. Some of the tips on this page include: […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd July 2010

Calculator game: 7x table

Of all the tables, the 7x table is probably the least well known. The latest in our series of calculator games for two players helps with reinforcing the 7x table. Remember, as before, the aim of the game is to get four in a row, in any direction, before your opponent. A good knowledge of […]

Posted by Peter on 19th July 2010

Maths puzzle: One to nine (1)

Here is a tricky little puzzle which is aimed at Year 6 or upper juniors (9/11). Ideal for wet breaks! Using just the digits 1 to 9 complete the number sentences, both across and down, so that they are all correct. A good knowledge of tables is needed, together with the ability to add and […]

Posted by Peter on 15th July 2010

Year 6 maths worksheet: Decimal fractions (2)

A similar page to one posted earlier, this again looks at decimal fractions and how to manipulate them. The first set of questions involve changing decimals, using either the multiplication or division keys of the calculator, in just one step. The second set of questions use the add or subtract keys. Whilst the calculator is […]

Posted by Peter on 14th July 2010

Resource of the Week: Year 5 division problems

As we get to the end of term here is a page which can be used to check that children can use a range of methods to solve division problems mentally. It is important the tables are known so that the facts can be used. For example if it is known that 6 x 6 […]