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Posted by Peter on 26th September 2013

Subtracting mentally in Year 4

Making the correct choice in deciding how to work out an answer is the key to fast mental arithmetic. Many children are unaware that there are often several ways of working out a calculation and that those who choose the best methods find maths easier and are able to answer questions more quickly and more […]

Posted by Peter on 19th September 2013

Mental division practice

being able to divide mentally is essential and is made much easier by knowing times tables. Here is a follow up page to one published earlier, giving more practice with simple division. If children have a good knowledge of the 2x, 4x, 5x and 10x tables they should find these quite straightforward. The only potentially […]

Posted by Peter on 16th September 2013

Add decimals mentally

Here is another page which looks at adding decimals mentally and once again shows the different approach which is usually taken compared to the standard written method. To illustrate what I mean let’s look at the first question: 5.7 + 2.5. If this was done by the written method the two numbers would be placed […]

Posted by Peter on 12th September 2013

Pairs of numbers that make 20

Here we have a straightforward maths worksheet on knowing pairs of numbers that add up to twenty. This is suitable for year 1/2 children or those who are already very confident with knowing pairs of numbers that make ten. If these facts are not known there are several ways of working the answers out, including: […]

Posted by Peter on 9th September 2013

Roman numeral clock faces

One of the new targets for maths in year 3 will be to, ‘tell and write the time from an analogue clock, including using Roman numerals from I to XII’. As I haven’t published any time sheets using Roman numerals I thought that now was the perfect opportunity; so here it is! It is best […]

Posted by Peter on 5th September 2013

Resource of the week: year 1 investigate addition

Welcome to a new term and plenty of new maths material coming up over the next few months. From our current resources here is a nice little investigation for young children which will show how well they can organise their thinking and work in a logical way. The question is simple: how many different ways […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd September 2013

Year 1 maths worksheet: numbers in order

I have just published a new worksheet on writing small numbers in order, for year 1 although suitable for younger children if ready. There is more than one possible answer on most of these which makes it a little trickier. Many children learn to recite the numbers 1 to 10 without having any concept of […]