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Reception/Year 1 Maths Games

Try the first of our fun, freeĀ  maths games.

Hangman Daily - Maths Words

Hangman – A different set of five mathematical words every day.

The target is to complete all 5 in the shortest time possible. Further chances for all those who are hanged. Can you beat your own fastest time? I bet you get a better time second go around. Away you go!!!

Play Hangman!



farmerCounting cows: counting up to 5

A great way to practice counting up to 5 for our very youngest bloggers.

Great fun and watch out for those mooing cows – they get everywhere!

goatCounting goats: counting up to 5

Bo Peep has lost her sheep and now she has some goats. More counting. This time its goats rather than sheep.

Did you know that goats are great banjo players!

monkeyCounting monkeys: counting up to 5

Now, why not try and find those noisy monkeys?

They could be swinging from anywhere.

mouse graphicCounting mice: counting up to 5

The mice are escaping with the cheese? How many can you see?

The final maths game (for the moment) in our series of counting up to 5.


fishCounting fish: counting up to 10

Watch out for those shy little fish! They

don’t want to be caught!

planeCounting planes: counting up to 10

Ted’s counting aeroplanes in the sky.

Can you help him see them all?

football imageCounting footballs: counting up to 10

Ted’s loves football. He is going to go and watch his favourite team.

How many footballs can you count?

tomatoCounting tomatoes: counting up to 10

Tommy Tomato is watching his friends ripen in the sunshine.

Can you help him count them all?


ice creamCounting on in ones: ice creams!

Help Teddy get the ice lolly he really wants.

Counting up in ones with small numbers up to 10.

truckCounting on in ones: trucks!

Ted’s got himself a scooter and he fancies doing

some daring tricks over a lorry!


teddy sunbathingCounting back in ones: Teddies

The sun’s shining and it’s hot. Teddy’s gasping for a drink.

Can you help him finish his counting back?

rocket4Counting back in ones: Rockets

The world is spinnning round and the rockets are counting down – with a little help from you!

Continue the sequences by counting down in ones and see

the rockets fly away.


GoatCounting two lots of things up to 5 (cows and goats)

Farmer Giles has bought some goats to go with his cows.

Can you help him count the goats and cows?

Gorilla2Counting two lots of things (monkeys and gorillas)

Another great little game for counting two lots of things, up to 5.

Matilda’s looking for all the monkeys and gorillas in the forest.

Can you help her count them?

dinosaurCounting two lots of things (green and orange dinosaurs)

Great practice at counting up to 10.

The baby dinosaurs are all out playing in the desert.

Can you help count them all?

helicopterCounting two lots of things (planes and helicopters)

Ted’s out looking for planes and helicoters in the sky near heathrow airport.

How many can he see altogether?


CLOWNOrdering numbers up to 10: clowns

The first in our series of ordering numbers up to 10.

The clowns are trying to sort their balls into order. Help by dragging the numbers on to the yellow balls, in order, starting with the lowest from left to right.



rocketCounting on in twos: rockets!

Help launch the rockets into space.

Continue the sequence of numbers as they go up in twos.

caterpillarCounting on in twos: caterpillars!

Colin Caterpillar and his chums love eating apples two at a time.

Can you help him count up in twos?


Counting back in twosCounting back in twos: Kites

Can you help Happy Henry to reach for the sky by counting down in twos?

Make sure that you can count up in twos before trying this!

Coin graphicCounting back in twos: coins

Great for counting back in twos.

Coins are falling off the money tree, two at a time. help

Chris Coin to count down in twos.


balloonsColour eight balloons

Help Ted colour his white balloons.

Click on the balloons to change the colours.

One click for red, two for blue, three for gold.

Boy2Colour eight stars

Help Jim colour in the stars he has got for good work.

Click on the stars to change the colours.

One click for red, two for blue, three for gold.

fish2Colour ten fish

Brighten up the ocean! it’s now time to explore the underwater world and colour ten fish.

Click on the fish to change the colours.

One click for red, two for blue, three for gold.


dragonAdding 2: Dragons and fire

Baby dragon is learning to breathe fire by adding two to numbers. Can you help him practice?


Cross Number 1

Numbers instead of words: 2-digit addition.

Cross number 2

2-digit subtraction.

Cross number 3

2x, 5x and 10x tables

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  1. lili says:

    those games ar ok but could you make some for older children

  2. Peter says:

    Hi Lili
    I’m afraid we have no games for older children. The best maths activities are the MathSphere Calculations games, but you have to pay for a CD.

  3. All good maths games.

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  5. Elizebeth II says:

    i need harder ones and i am queen so obey!!!

  6. Peter says:

    Hi Your majesty: try

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