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Posted by Peter on 15th June 2009

Using a calculator: Take 1

Most children have access to a calculator, and there are very good reasons why their use should be encouraged. However, there is still a great deal of opposition to them. I certainly would not advocate their use to solve simple sums which can be done mentally or on paper, but they are great for investigations […]

Posted by Peter on 14th June 2009

Coming Soon: Bodmas, Decimal Fractions and Using a Calculator

Coming up this week is our second page on Bodmas for year 6 children plus rules of divisibility for multiples of 3 and 6. We also have some decimal fractions on tenths, suitable for Year 4 as well as a page on Using a Calculator efficiently. Most children have access to a calculator, and there […]

Posted by Peter on 11th June 2009

Maths worksheet: Order of Calculating (Bodmas) 1

2 + 4 x 3 = The acronym BODMAS probably conjures up memories of school maths for many people and it is still as important today. It stands for: Brackets Of Division Multiplication Addition Subtraction. It is a convention to ensure everyone carries out a question such as that above in the same order. Numbers […]

Posted by Peter on 11th June 2009

News: Home Education Review

A review of home education in England will be recommending that there should be a national registration scheme for home educators, forcing parents to register with their local authority. The government set up a review to find out how effective local authorities are in monitoring home educated children and whether home education was being used […]

Posted by Peter on 10th June 2009

Year 1 maths worksheet: Money problems (1)

Money is a great way to encourage children with their addition and subtraction and of course, it is the spending of it when we most use our mental arithmetic skills! This worksheet is for Year 1 children who are confident with counting and adding small numbers. It uses three coins, the 1p, 5p and 10p. […]

Posted by Peter on 9th June 2009

Year 3 Maths Investigation: Across and Down

Investigations are a great way to develop logical thinking and improve systematic lines of enquiry. This is a fun investigation for children from Year 3 upwards (7+ yrs). The task is: Put in the numbers 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 in the squares on the grid so that the total across is the same […]

Posted by Peter on 8th June 2009

Maths Worksheet: Subtract a Single Digit (year 2)

Once children are confident with subtracting single digits from single digits they can move on to subtracting from 2-digit numbers. This maths worksheet has a number line to help. Children can either start with the larger number and count back, or start with the smaller number and count on. The next stage would be to […]

Posted by Peter on 6th June 2009

Coming Soon: Maths Worksheets on Money, Decimals and Bodmas

Next week we have a wide range of topics for our maths worksheets. There will be a neat page on counting money for year 1 children and a subtraction page for year 2. There is also a great mini-investigation using small numbers which is ideal for year 3 children; this also has some ideas to […]

Posted by Peter on 5th June 2009

Year 3 maths worksheet: Multiplying by 10

We’re back on to the idea of multiplying a whole number by ten, probably one of the most important concepts in primary maths. Of course, by now we all know that each digit moves one place to the left and a zero is placed in the units, acting as a place holder for the other […]

Posted by Peter on 4th June 2009

Year 1 maths worksheet: Longer and shorter

This page adds to our selection of measurement worksheets for year 1. It looks at two terms, longer and shorter,  and should be used in conjunction with plenty of discussion in the home. Ask questions such as ‘Which is the taller candle?’ and make requests, eg ‘Pass me the shorter pencil, please’ during the everyday […]