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21/30 Jojo In Numberland – Multiplication & Division

Help! Jojo has lost Bobbin and he needs to get him back from the evil kidnapper, Shiver!

Great idea, great animations and incredibly loud sound! Correct answers gain rewards. Rewards lead to more fun surprises.

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Teaching Tables20/30 Teaching tables

Tables, tables, tables, the nightmare for so many parents whose children just don’t seem to ‘get’ them. Founded by Mark Cogan, an ex teacher, this is one of a collection of CDs or downloads aimed mainly for schools but could be very useful for home use.

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Bear and penguin20/30 Bear & Penguin’s Big Maths Adventure

White Bear and Little Penguin lead children across the ice to tackle maths games including counting problems and simple sums. Aimed at younger children, aged 5 to 7 it concentrates on early addition and subtraction. The games are entertaining and suit the age range, with three levels for each activity.

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Number Gym graphic19/30 Number Gym Number Gym aims to improve children’s mental skills and understanding and has some unique features. There are two CDs evaluated here:
1.Bond Builder and Table Trainer

2. Number Gym

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Mathmania 216/30 MathMania 2

An upgrade to the best-selling maths revision title ‘MathMania’. Children have to find their way through a variety of mazes. On their way they have to answer questions on number, shape, measurement, including time and angle. Correct answers gain points which allow obstacles (doors) to be passed.

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sums at home14/30 Sums at home

A series of 6 CDs for children between 5 and 12. The level 3, 4, 5 and 6 CDs each contain 16 activities, whilst levels 1 and 2 only contain 8. For example the level 3 CD contains activities on tables, division, doubling and halving, surveys , tables and pictograms, Carroll diagrams, multiples and number sequences, odd and even numbers, grouping in tens, directions, symmetry, co-ordinates and patterns.

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