Maths worksheets: Single step problem solving. Y6

Solving problems Single step operations

know1Below are some maths problems written in words. They are known as ‘single step operations’ as only one mathematical process is necessary to solve them. Children find word problems very difficult, but the one step type are much, much easier than the two step.

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Maths worksheets: Choose the operation and method. Y5

Choose the operation and method

Older children still need practice at explaining how they go about problems. Encourage them to explain how they go about solving a problem and why they choose particular strategies. In this way errors in thinking, which result in incorrect answers, can become apparent. Which operations need to be carried out, (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division)in what order – are calculators necessary or can it be done ‘in your head’?

5101-01 Choose the operation and method (pg 1)

5101-02 Choose the operation and method (pg 2)

Mathmania 2: software review

maths software for home

Mathmania 2MathMania 2

An upgrade to the best-selling maths revision title ‘MathMania’. Children have to find their way through a variety of mazes. On their way they have to answer questions on number, shape, measurement, including time and angle. Correct answers gain points which allow obstacles (doors) to be passed. Points also allow progression to the next maze. As well as this there are a number of traditional maths puzzles such as Towers of Hanoi, which encourage logical thinking. Some of the mazes do have a lot of doors to pass through before completion, although this can be simplified as there are control features which allow for choice of level and type of topic to be faced.

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Maths worksheets: Choose the operation and method. Y4

Choose the operation and method

One of the hardest things to get children to do is explain how they did a sum. These two pages try to help with this, encouraging them to explain the decisions they make about:

which operation is involved in word problems

whether calculations can be done mentally or with pen and paper

how to explain and record the operations used.

Talking about what they do is vital in the internalisation of processes, which eventually become second nature.

4101-01 Choose the operation and method (pg 1)

4101-02 Choose the operation and method (pg 2)

Maths worksheets: Making number stories-addition. Y3

Making number stories: addition

These should be very familiar by year 3 ( 7/8 year olds). It is quite possible to develop a fantasy world where children can write about a mathematical number story. What could the numbers be? Gold coins, orcs, dolphins….etc. Once decided, the fantasy world can be continued for different number sentences.

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A maths dictionary for kids: web review

maths dictionary for kids

Maths dictionaryHmm. Let’s get slightly controversial. Browsing for maths dictionaries I found ‘A Maths Dictionary for Kids’ by Jenny Eather on CD on the Cambridge-Hitachi site. Now it was difficult to find a price on this site so I went to R-E-M and also found it there, for sale for £115.09 inc VAT.

Now I know that this is an excellent dictionary as I have used it before – great graphics and clear explanations – but over £100 seems rather expensive. And it seems even more expensive when I can access it free of charge at A Maths Dictionary for Kids by Jenny Eather.

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Maths worksheets: Making number stories-addition. Y2

Making number stories at home

It’s a great idea to encourage young children to see maths as a story. Similar to year 1 but with 2-digit numbers being added, usually in the teens. Again answers can usually be given orally, with children being as imaginative as they like with their story telling, as long as they keep to the correct maths.

Further examples can easily be created at home, either on paper or on a computer screen.

2101-01 Making number stories: addition (pg 1)

2101-02 Making number stories: addition (pg 2)

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Making number stories.

free maths resources: making number stories

Something you don’t find in most maths books, nevertheless very important. Helping children to realise that a number sentence such as 3 + 4 = 7 can have meaning in the real world as a practical event.

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