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Posted by Peter on 3rd August 2011

Resource of the Week: Written multiplication of money

Multiplication of money by a single digit is very much like multiplying a 3-digit number by a single digit, but, of course, the decimal point needs to be included. It would normally be expected to answer these types of question using the standard written method. The first 8 questions are set out in the standard […]

Posted by Peter on 2nd August 2011

Maths Level 4 SAT results improve

The steady improvement in KS2 SAT results continued this year, according to the Department for Education figures. Last year 79% reached at least Level 4. This year the figure rose to 80%. There are however, several points that need to be raised about these results. Originally level 4 was talked of as being an average […]

Posted by Peter on 1st August 2011

2010 Maths SAT paper A: question 4

Question 4 on the Maths 2010 Paper A introduces the important notion that you don’t necessarily have to get a question correct to gain marks. Part 4b points out that showing the working out could gain a mark and it is very important that children realise this. Many children are very reluctant to show their […]