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Posted by Peter on 17th June 2010

Year 6 maths worksheet: Imperial and metric units

It is a sad state of affairs that schools are still having to teach children to convert imperial to metric units, even when we have been metric for over 40 years. Many adults still use feet and inches to measure their height, use miles per gallon in their cars and stones and pounds to measure […]

Posted by Peter on 7th June 2010

Year 3 maths worksheet: Reading scales

Children are used to reading scales where the divisions go up in ones, but they find it much harder when either they go up in larger numbers or when not all the divisions are numbered. This worksheet does both of these. The ruler shown is a scale drawing and each division is 10 cm, but […]

Posted by Peter on 30th December 2009

Year 6 Maths worksheet: Converting metric units (2)

This is about as hard as it gets for converting larger metric units to smaller ones. The larger units all include decimals and a good knowledge of multiplying by 10, 100 or 1000 is needed. As a special treat the last question is really tricky; How many centimetres in 1.9 kilometres. I imagine that there […]

Posted by Peter on 4th June 2009

Year 1 maths worksheet: Longer and shorter

This page adds to our selection of measurement worksheets for year 1. It looks at two terms, longer and shorter,  and should be used in conjunction with plenty of discussion in the home. Ask questions such as ‘Which is the taller candle?’ and make requests, eg ‘Pass me the shorter pencil, please’ during the everyday […]