Calculator game: Multiples of 3

multiples of 3_larger_numbersAnother in our series of fun games to play, suitable for year 3 children who have got a good grasp of the three times table. The object of the game is to get a line of four in a row by finding the number which when multiplied by 3 is on the grid. Not as easy as it looks, and a good game of strategy as well. Remember, you do need a calculator for this game.

Calculator game: multiples of 3

Calculator game: 3x table

Similar to the 2x table game published last week, this is a game of strategy for two players to help improve knowledge of the 3x table. The aim of the game is to place counters over the numbers to get four in a row, either across, down or horizontally.

The Player must say which number they are going for before typing in the multiplication on the calculator and can only place a counter if correct. Try it!

3x table calculator game

Y4 Using a Calculator: Take 10

take-10-calculatorHere is the second of our mini series on using a calculator to check the results of mental calculations. In this case 10 has to be n from various numbers , including six digit numbers. Whilst doing these it would be a great idea to practice saying these larger numbers out loud, as many children find this quite difficult and get little chance to practice.

The calculator can be made into a ‘take 10’ machine. With many calculators by keying in the minus sign (-) followed by 10 then the equals sign the answer -10 is shown. Ignore this, don’t clear the answer, and type in another number eg 450 and press the equals sign and the answer will come up (440).

This calculator worksheet can be used by children of different ages, depending on their ability to read and work with large numbers.

Using a calculator: Take 10

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