Posted by Peter on 14th June 2007

NRICH maths club: web review

nrichNRICH maths club Celebrating ten years online this site started well and has continued to grow, now claiming to be the largest maths site online. It includes a huge variety of free resources.

A real winner, especially if you have a bright child who enjoys investigating maths for the fun of it. Activities include puzzles, problem solving, investigations and games to play against the computer. A wide range of topics are included but the best way to get started is to look at this month’s edition and try some activities. For this June the main theme is angles and triangles, with trig for older pupils.

With each interactive activity there are notes, hints and a link to submit a solution. Don’t expect to be given the answer immediately – you have to wait until next month’s issue! Of course you could always go into the massive archive and try previous months where answers are available. The notes are aimed mainly at teachers, but there is no reason why parent’s shouldn’t use them. Hints don’t go as far as a solution, but do suggest some ways to approach the problem.

There is also a weekly problem with the solution withheld until the next week.

This is not the sort of site you go to looking for particular help on a problem. It is really aimed at the bright enquiring child who is fascinated by shape and number.

On the face of it many of the activities look short and simple – beware!

We will be returning to this site to keep you up to date on new issues.

7 out of 10Interest

6 out of 10Ease of use

8 out of 10 Maths content

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