Posted by Peter on 11th July 2007

News: A new vision for schools

Ever wonder if the school your children go to gets as much financial and help as it should? A very influential group who call themselves The New Vision Group have suggested that extra funding should go to schools that make a big effort to support those pupils who find themselves falling behind at the age of 11. Financial incentives would be given to schools that are “inclusive”, schools which show good progress with vulnerable and special needs children.

They also suggest doing away with much of the competition between schools, replacing league tables and generating a mood of co-operation between schools. They state,

” There is overwhelming evidence that the schools that achieve the most for all their pupils are those that have, in card players’ terms, a reasonable hand to play: a balanced intake, a fair share of quality staff, motivated children and supportive parents, good buildings, capable leadership and adequate financial resources.”

More on this in the Education Guardian this week.

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