Posted by Peter on 11th July 2007

News: Dept. for Children, Schools and Families

Well, a new department is bound to mean new policies and new ways to teach children – even if some of these ways were around in the 50s!

In Janury 2007 the renewed Maths Primary Framework was implemented. Just 7 months later Ed Balls announces a major review of maths teaching in primary schools. The aim is to ‘personalise’ the maths education of every child. I’m expecting many teachers to be saying that they have seen it all before. The cynical amongst us would suggest that Ed is all about making a name for himself before moving on to a more senior position. On a more serious note, it does show that there is still room for improvement and for better maths teaching. It will be your children who benefit or otherwise.

Full report at the brand new Department for children, schools and families.

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