Posted by Peter on 15th July 2007

Maths worksheets: Revise tables and square numbers. Y6

CountingBy year 6 children should have a very good working knowledge of all tables facts up to 10×10. In fact, the Primary Framework suggests that children should know their tables at a much earlier age. However, there is no harm in a little revision!They should also be able to react quickly to questions such as “How many eights make 56?”

The first page is a revision sheet. Use it to find which tables are proving to be more difficult – usually it is the 6, 7 and 8s which pose the problems.

Square numbers come up on the second sheet. Once again children are expected to know square numbers at least up to 10×10 – after all they are only a part of their tables. Once they know that 6 x 6 is 36, if they have a good knowledge of place value they will be able to work out that 60 x 60 is 3600.

6301-01 Tables square challenge

6301-02 More tables questions

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