Posted by Peter on 16th July 2007

Fizz Buzz: Book review

fizzbuzzFizz Buzz: 101 Spoken Numeracy Games – Ideal for Mental Maths

Now, I am often asked what kinds of activities can parents do with their children at home to encourage mathematical thinking and to speed up knowledge of tables, addition etc. Well this book supplies many of the answers. The key is in the rest of the title: “101 Spoken Numeracy Games.” It covers pretty much everything in calculating and knowledge of number for primary school children and is aimed at mental arithmetic rather than pencil and paper maths.

I first became interested when I saw that it included some of the games I have been using with children for many years, including the title game, Fizz Buzz. I have tried some of the newer ideas since then with some success. As it was written mainly with teachers in mind some of the games work better with larger groups of children, but there are enough there to be worthwhile for a parent to buy. Most of the ideas are very straightforward and can be done anywhere – even on that long car journey! Try some of the games yourself with a group of adults and you may be pleasantly surprised. Also don’t be afraid to adapt the ideas to suit your children.

If you are looking for a little inspiration and determined to help your children with their maths in a fun, relaxed way then why not try this book!

There is also a braille version of this book available from the RNIB.

7 out of 10
Maths content
8 out of 10
Value for money
7 out of 10

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