Posted by Peter on 10th August 2007

Maths puzzles: Word search length

games2As it’s now well into the long summer holiday this week I will concentrate on a few more relaxing home maths pages. Going to the quiet Dorset countryside for a couple of days so posting Monday’s today. I have a maths word search for young children, the first in our collection of ‘easy peasy’ puzzles! All the words are part of the expected vocabulary for Y1 children to do with measurement of length.
They include: long, short, tall, thick, thin, high, low wide and narrow. The words are all to be found across or down the wordsearch, no diagonals and nothing spelt backwards. Good practice in using the language of measurement. Why not sit down with your child whilst they find the words and talk about the meanings and when you would use them. You can make comparisons by using longer, shorter, etc.

Maths word search: length

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