Posted by Peter on 20th August 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Adding two numbers

calculate 2Two maths worksheets here on simple addition. However, there is not any help with either of these in the form of pictures to count on, or a number line. Five year olds will usually need something to help them. At home this could be a bag of buttons or beads or 1p coins, or if nothing is available there is always a set of fingers! All numbers add up to less than 10 at this stage. Over time children will begin to learn them and will also gain confidence with counting.

I was at Bodiam Castle yesterday and a young child began counting the steps up the spiral staircase. She started OK and then got to 6 and continued randomly 3, 5 , 4, 2, 8 – it was too hard to continue past 6.
Free Y1 maths worksheet: Adding two numbers (pg 1)

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Adding two numbers (pg 2)

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