Posted by Peter on 25th September 2007

Free Y1 maths worksheets: Comparing measurements

measure imageThis week we are going to have another look at measurement and standard metric units of measurement. However, in year 1 measurement is much more about comparisons.
The first maths worksheet looks at vocabulary to do with comparing length:
Widest/narrowest, longest/shortest and tallest/shortest.
The second free maths worksheet looks at capacity where three terms are introduced: full, empty, fullest, emptiest and half full.
Plenty of practical work can be done at home with water, filling and emptying jugs and containers, whether it is in the sink, in the bath or outside using sand. (I’ve just been to St Ives, making sand castles – perfect opportunity!)
Make the most of this by talking with your children – get them to pour from one container to another – ask which has more; we are all often tricked into thinking that a tall narrow glass holds more than a short, wide glass etc.
Free Y1 maths worksheet: Comparisons of length

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Comparing capacity (pg 1)

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