Posted by Peter on 26th September 2007

Free Y3 maths worksheets: Measuring in kilometres

measure imageThe first of these worksheets looks at metres and kilometres. Children will need to know that there are 1 000 metres in a kilometre.
Once this is known then the number of metres and half a kilometre and quarter of a kilometre can be worked out.
Half a km = 500m
Quarter of a km = 250m.
The second maths worksheet takes this one step further: writing metres as kilometres using the decimal point. A really tricky concept: plenty to think about here.
5 500 metres is 5.5 km.
This is exactly the same as 5.50 km or 5.500 km.
It can take children a long time to realise that 5.5 is the same as 5.50 or 5.500 or 5.500000000000000000000000000000000! A really good understanding of place value is needed and it does not help if children have been told to ‘add a nought’ to multiply by 10 – obviously ‘adding a nought’ here makes no difference at all.

Free Y3 maths worksheet: measuring in kilometres (pg 1)

Free Y3 maths worksheet: measuring in kilometres (pg 2)

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