Posted by Peter on 31st October 2007

Free Y3 maths worksheets: Sorting data and tally

dataThe first of these two worksheets gives an opportunity to sort items into two categories: food and not food. Apologies for the drawings on these – it might be a good idea to discuss what the drawings represent before classifying them as food, or not food!

This is a very powerful concept and when looking at this page I keep thinking of classification in science – a concept which comes up very often in the year 6 SAT papers in the form of tree diagrams. It also features very highly in the more abstract world of computer programming.

The second worksheet introduces the idea of collecting data by making a chart and recording results in the form of a tally. Once the tally chart has been completed it should be used to fill in the frequency table below. Then discuss the results.

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Sorting data

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Tally chart

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