Posted by Peter on 5th December 2007

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Make shapes and describe their features

shape imageIn year 3 children will continue to make shapes and patterns; these becoming more complex and more accurate.

Drawing round shapes such as triangles, rectangles and hexagons and then cutting them out to make repeated patterns should be encouraged. When describing the patterns created, children should be encouraged to name the shapes. They should become familiar with the terms hexagon (6 sides) and octagon (8 sides) remembering that these do not need to be regular ie all the sides do not need to be the same length.

Often children will need to copy a pattern before they feel confident enough to create their own. When drawing round shapes the emphasis should be on accuracy and care, both in placing the shape in the right position and drawing round it.

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Using a rectangle to make shapes

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