Posted by Peter on 11th December 2007

News: The Children’s Plan

We have been waiting for the details and now here they are! Yet another new initiative from the Government on Education. This time they are calling it the The Children’s Plan. This is a £1bn 10-year strategy for education, welfare and play.
It includes changes to the primary school curriculum and perhaps the best part of it is the possible end of the Sats tests in England by 2009.
However, there will be tougher targets for primary schools – with the aim of 90% of 11-year-old pupils reaching the expected benchmarks for English and maths.
The plan makes clear that a current pilot for a different type of test for 11-year-olds “could lead to the end of the key stage tests by 2009”. But Mr Balls emphasised that school league tables would continue.
So, it looks like testing will continue but there are plenty of other bright ideas in this Plan.
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