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Posted by Peter on 31st January 2008

Booster maths worksheet 5

Another page of typical SAT maths questions. Again questions 1 and 2 could have any number of possible answers and the key is to keep it simple. In both questions there is no need to be clever: answer with whole hundreds eg 200+ 200+ 400 as this will gain as many marks as 145 + […]

Posted by Peter on 30th January 2008

Maths game: Make 5

An extra bonus today as I felt in the mood to write a game. The first in our addition and subtraction series, where children are given a number and have to state what is needed to make it up to 5. Dora Dino has 5 eggs somewhere. She can only see some of them, so […]

Posted by Peter on 30th January 2008

Maths vocabulary for Reception: Length

tall taller tallest
high higher highest
low lower lowest
wide wider widest
narrow narrower narrowest

Posted by Peter on 29th January 2008

Booster maths worksheet 4

A similar maths worksheet to worksheet 3. Notice that questions 5 and 6 could have a considerable range of answers, all of which are correct. In question 6 the two numbers for the answer must have a difference of 61 ie the sum of the two numbers given. This is getting very close to the […]

Posted by Peter on 28th January 2008

News: Lego 50 years old today.

Lego is 50 years old today and there have been some amazing creations across the world by the masters of lego building over these years. Ross Crawford is one such master builder in Australia with a 4 metre long copy of Sydney Harbour Bridge. In 2006, a team at Legoland in Billund, Denmark created a […]

Posted by Peter on 28th January 2008

Booster maths worksheet 3

Some more examples of the type of arithmetic questions that come up in the SATs. An interesting example is the question which asks to put the digits 7, 3 and 4 into the boxes to make the total of 41. Sometimes there is more than one way to do this type of question and it […]

Posted by Peter on 25th January 2008

Maths game: Counting two lots of things (cows and goats)

The first in our series of counting two lots of things, up to a total of 5.

Posted by Peter on 24th January 2008

Maths Vocabulary for Reception: Adding and subtracting

Here is the next list of the vocabulary that children at the end of their Reception Year (4/5 years old) should be familiar with. These words are all to do with addition and subtraction.

Posted by Peter on 22nd January 2008

News: Test results delayed

There has been a delay in the publishing of the results of the new tests which might replace the dreaded SATs that children take at 7 and 11. Apparently there have been some unexpected patterns in the results, although both teachers and pupils have given positive feedback. Rather than test everyone at the same time […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd January 2008

Free Y5 maths worksheet: Investigate subtraction

Here is a nifty way to carry out some subtraction sums in an original format. Use the shape on the free maths worksheet to make the subtraction sums by linking one number to another via the subtraction sign in the middle. Download “Free Y5 Maths Worksheet: Investigate Subtraction (pg 1)”File Size: 17.84 KB