Posted by Peter on 30th January 2008

Maths vocabulary for Reception: Length

Maths Vocabulary for Reception: Length
Words to do with length are all around us and it is an ideal subject to involve young children with. At this age standard units of measurement are not used, the important concepts are all to do with comparisons as well as understanding that shapes can have length, width and height. This is not a spelling list: more a list of words that children should have heard in a variety of contexts and words that they are beginning to use themselves to describe their world.

Use the larger words to cut out and display around the house or as flash cards.


length width
height depth
long longer longest
short shorter shortest
tall taller tallest
high higher highest
low lower lowest
wide wider widest
narrow narrower narrowest
thick thicker thickest
thin thinner thinnest
far near

Maths vocabulary for Reception: Length

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