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Posted by Peter on 29th February 2008

Counting game: colour 8 balloons

Help Ted colour his white balloons. Just by clicking in the balloons the colour will change. One click will make a balloon go Red. Two clicks will turn the balloon Blue. Three clicks will change the colour to Gold. Don’t forget to press Go when you think the colours are correct! This is great practice […]

Posted by Peter on 28th February 2008

News: Less than a week to World Maths Day

World Maths Day takes place on 5 March 2008. It is a celebration of numbers, designed for children from the age of 5, as they try to set a world record in answering mental arithmetic questions. In 2007, more than 287 000 students from 98 countries answered 38 904 275 questions correctly. This year they […]

Posted by Peter on 28th February 2008

News: Children’s working memory problems

One in ten children have a ‘working memory’ impairment which causes them to do less well than expected in school. Working memory involves such things as remembering names, telephone numbers or oral instructions. (I’m sure that I’m suffering from this one!) Thus suggests the latest research from Durham University as Dr Tracey Alloway says,

Posted by Peter on 27th February 2008

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Solve puzzles and investigate

Take the numbers from 1 to 9 and see how many different ways that ten can be made by adding them.

Posted by Peter on 26th February 2008

Reception maths vocabulary: ‘Real life’ and money

This is an area of maths vocabulary that children meet very early in their lives. However children cannot learn the meanings of words in isolation and parents need to question them and use the vocabulary to help with their understanding. Talking during a trip to a supermarket could involve using most of these words: compare […]

Posted by Peter on 25th February 2008

News: World Maths Day

Just 7 days to go before World Maths Day. Be part of this amazing event involving more than a quarter of a million students from nearly 100 countries. Great for all ages and abilities. Easy to register and take part. Find out more. If you don’t want to take part in this there are other […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd February 2008

Free Y2 maths worksheet: Solve puzzles and investigate

This free maths worksheet continues the investigative approach to mathematics begun in year one. It is concerned with children using their knowledge to solve problems and puzzles, find patterns, make generalisations and begin to predict. Download “Free Y2 Maths Worksheet: Solve Puzzles And Investigate”File Size: 18.30 KB

Posted by Peter on 21st February 2008

Addition worksheet: adding 5 to a single digit

The Primary Framework for Mathematics would suggest that adding two single digits should always be done ‘in your head’ as children are expected to know them. However, parents like to see some written confirmation, and many children love doing a page of written sums, so we will start with a two straight forward ‘adding 5 […]

Posted by Peter on 20th February 2008

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Solve puzzles and investigate

This maths worksheet is an introduction to the investigative approach to mathematics.

Posted by Peter on 19th February 2008

Maths game: Counting two lots of things (planes and helicopters)

Ted’s out looking for planes and helicopters in the sky near Heathrow airport. How many can he see altogether? (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)