Posted by Peter on 20th February 2008

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Solve puzzles and investigate

shape1This maths worksheet is an introduction to the investigative approach to mathematics. It is concerned with children using their knowledge to solve problems and puzzles, find patterns, make generalisations and begin to predict.

Often investigations involve, “how many ways” activities. A key part of this is for children to check what they have done, check that they are accurate and that they have not repeated themselves. A lot of discussion can evolve from questions such as, “is 1 + 2 the same as 2 + 1 ?”

On many of these activities the children could continue by making up their own, similar, problems – this should be actively encouraged! For instance a child might move on from using two cards to ‘make ten’ to using three, and both addition and subtraction.

Free Y1 maths worksheet: solve puzzles and investigate (pg 1)

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