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Posted by Peter on 18th February 2008

Booster maths worksheet 8

The last in this particular sequence of type of question, once again concentrating on place value and the knowledge that addition and subtraction are inverse. For example, question 3 asks: ? + 25 = 42. This can be worked out by subtracting 25 from 42, or by counting on from 25 to 42. Excellent practice […]

Posted by Peter on 15th February 2008

News: maths tests

Maths tests. Do they know what they are doing? The government has changed the whole basis of the new tests which have been piloted this year after ‘unusual’ results were found. The newspapers seem to think that this means they have become easier as they move from “working securely within” a level to “reaching a […]

Posted by Peter on 15th February 2008

Maths puzzle: Word Search, more numbers

Continuing with our numbers word searches this looks at numbers mainly in the whole tens. Quite tricky as there are so many ‘ty’s in the wordsearch! To make it easier the answers are either horizontal or vertical, no diagonals or backwards. Maths puzzle: Word Search more numbers Download “Maths Puzzle: Word Search More Numbers”File Size: […]

Posted by Peter on 14th February 2008

Maths puzzle: Word Search, numbers to ten

It’s been quite a while since I put up any puzzles/word searches so here is one for younger children to help with recognising numbers written in words up to 10. When the word has been found encourage them to write it down on the page next to the number. Maths puzzle: Word Search numbers to […]

Posted by Peter on 13th February 2008

Maths vocabulary for Reception: Time

When we think of teach time many of us think just in terms of telling the time on a clock or watch. However, much work must precede this as is shown by the vocabulary list for reception (4/5 years old) below. Start with which day of the week it is, what day will it be […]

Posted by Peter on 12th February 2008

Booster maths worksheet 7

Place value is an important concept to understand if success is to be achieved in the key Stage 2 tests and the tests are full of questions related to place value. The first two questions on this page are typical examples – easy enough if you know what you are doing – care must be […]

Posted by Peter on 11th February 2008

Booster maths worksheet 6

Another page of typical Key Stage 2 maths test arithmetic questions. Plenty of practice with these will make the actual test much easier. Once again expect some questions to have a range of possible correct answers, whilst others have just one correct answer. Booster maths worksheet p6 Download “Key Stage 2 Maths Test P6”File Size: […]

Posted by Peter on 8th February 2008

Maths game: Counting two lots of things up to 10 (green and orange dinosaurs)

The baby dinosaurs are all out playing in the desert. Can you help count them all? Great practice at counting up to 10. (Either JavaScript is not active or you are using an old version of Adobe Flash Player. Please install the newest Flash Player.)

Posted by Peter on 7th February 2008

Free Y4 maths worksheet: More about prisms

On this free maths worksheet is some pretty hard work concerned with prisms. (A prism is a solid figure whose bases or ends have the same size and shape and are parallel to one another, and each of whose sides is a parallelogram.) It is a good idea to try and collect a variety of […]

Posted by Peter on 6th February 2008

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Using triangles to make shapes

A simple idea which has a lot of maths attached to it. Find or make two right angled triangles (out of card). Then join them together to make a variety of other shapes. A parallelogram can be made as shown on the worksheet but there is another way to make a parallelogram. A good discussion […]