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Posted by Peter on 9th April 2008

Free Y5 maths worksheet: Classify shapes using Venn diagrams

There are two parts to this free maths worksheet on classifying shapes, both involving Venn diagrams. The idea is to put either the names of shapes or drawings of shapes in the correct areas of the Venn diagram. Some examples have been put in the Triangles diagram. Some careful thought needs to be put into […]

Posted by Peter on 8th April 2008

Free Y1 maths worksheet: Recognise squares (pg 1)

A square is a regular type of rectangle as it has four right angles and all four sides are equal in length.

Posted by Peter on 7th April 2008

Booster maths worksheet 11

The writers of the SATs papers love little puzzles such as the square shown on this worksheet.

Posted by Peter on 3rd April 2008

Free Y3 maths worksheet: Counting on revision (pg 2)

Whilst some children may well still be starting with the given number and then counting on with their fingers others will be using more sophisticated methods such as:

Posted by Peter on 2nd April 2008

Addition worksheet: adding 1 to a single digit

Four rules work has to start somewhere, so why not with the very easiest addition: adding one to a single digit. These activities should only be done on paper when children have had plenty of experience of counting and adding using counters, lego bricks etc. Addition worksheet: adding 1 to a single digit (pg 1) […]

Posted by Peter on 1st April 2008

Booster maths worksheet 10

Understanding of square numbers is expected, but rarely will they ask a straightforweard question such as “What is the square of 8 ?”