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Posted by Peter on 29th May 2008

News: dyslexia centres close

Thirteen UK centres offering controversial treatment for people with dyslexia have been shut down due to financial difficulties. Originally set up by millionaire Wynford Dore the centres were not cheap – £1500 for a 12 month programme. Dyslexia is a condition which affects the ability to process language and in some cases also mathematics. Many […]

Posted by Peter on 27th May 2008

Maths game: one less than

Here is a very simple game for two players aimed at re-inforcing the term ‘one less than’ with numbers up to 6. This is aimed at children just getting ready to go to school or those who are in the Foundation Stage. It is a page from an exciting new venture called ‘You Are Brainy’ […]

Posted by Peter on 25th May 2008

News: school holidays

As we move towards a lovely warm June out come the educational theorists who believe that children should not have a long summer holiday. The Institute for Public Policy Research has just published a report which suggests that pupils’ reading and maths abilities regressed because the summer break was too long. Instead, the think-tank said […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd May 2008

Free Y5 maths worksheet: writing larger numbers

Now here is a maths worksheet for year 5 which would challenge many adults!

Posted by Peter on 21st May 2008

Free Y3 maths worksheet: make shapes and describe their features

It’s a while since I sent anything up for children in year 3 and for shape so here is a worksheet just for them! The best way to go about this is to have some plastic or card shapes: rectangles and right angled triangles. If not, the worksheet can be printed out on to card […]

Posted by Peter on 19th May 2008

News: regular testing narrows the curriculum

regular testing narrows the curriculum

Posted by Peter on 16th May 2008

Free Y1 maths worksheet: investigate ways of scoring 6

Here’s a nice little investigation for young children. Take two differently coloured dice and work out how many different ways that 6 can be scored when they are both rolled. Not quite as easy as it might appear – for example you can not have 6 and 0 as a pair as each die must […]

Posted by Peter on 15th May 2008

Maths help at home: more or less with playing cards

A pack of cards is a great resource for helping with maths at home. Here is a simple game that can help to develop the concepts of more and less. What you need: A pack of cards Paper to keep a tally score (optional) What to do: Take a pack of cards and remove all […]

Posted by Peter on 14th May 2008

Maths puzzle: Word Search, data handling vocabulary

Quite a while since I put any maths word searches on the site so here is a straightforward one to do with data. All the vocabulary is aimed at year 3 children, but many older children will not be confident about the meaning and spelling of all these words. The words can be found across […]

Posted by Peter on 12th May 2008

News: SATs time

Good luck to you all with the SATs this week. I’m sure that if you have had a little practice on some of our worksheets you will find the maths OK. Remember, the results do not really mean a lot – there are many children out there who got a level 3 at 11 who […]