Posted by Peter on 19th May 2008

News: regular testing narrows the curriculum

Now that the SATs are over for another year the same old arguments are being put forward about how teachers will teach to the test rather than teach a broad and balanced curriculum.

Too much emphasis is being put on to those subjects which are tested: English, Maths and Science. Indeed, within these subjects too much emphasis is being put on those parts of them which can be tested.

It comes after controversy over the marking of SATs tests taken by hundreds of thousands of 11-year-olds in England this week and a critical report by MPs.

“Speaking and listening isn’t tested, so it doesn’t get much attention,” Professor Margaret Brown said.

Using and Applying Maths is the same – it is too difficult to create sensible tests so it tends to be ignored in schools apart from a few really good teachers who are very confident in what they are doing.

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