Posted by Peter on 10th June 2008

News: Fantastic offer from MathSphere

I’ve just heard that MathSphere (one of the most successful school providers of Maths software) have launched a superb offer for schools.

If a school buys a site licence for any of the MathSphere software then they will provide 32 CDs with the same content for the school to give to parents: and all for just £75.00.

This includes the worksheet CDs and Calculations. At the moment parents can buy these for £20 or £11.75 each, so if you are thinking of purchasing, why not contact your school and see if the are willing to spend £75 to get 32 extra to give away?

I notice that this offer is not on-line: schools have to ring (01903 500606) or fax a special order form available at the site.

With the Government pushing Home-School links at the moment it will be interesting to see how many schools will take up the challenge; there are still a lot of schools out there who are unwilling to share the ‘secrets’ of their teaching with parents.

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