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Free Y6 maths worksheet: further rounding

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Rounding numbers can often cause problems, even with older children.

When rounding to the nearest 1 000 the key figure is the hundreds digit.
If the hundreds digit is 5 or above, round up. If it is below 5, round down.

Eg 3 750 is 4 000 to the nearest 1 000.
3 199 is 3 000 to the nearest 1 000

(Note that it does not matter what the tens or units digits are, it is the HUNDREDS digit which must be looked at.)

Be careful that when rounding, children do not write:
2 345 = 2 000
because 2 345 does not equal 2 000.

2 345 is 2 000 ‘to the nearest 1 000’ should always be added.

Rounding larger numbers

Larger numbers can be rounded in just the same way as above, always referring to the digit below the one you want to round.
Eg rounding to a million, look at the hundred thousand digit:

2 345 456 is 2 000 000 (two million) to the nearest million

2 987 654 is 3 000 000 (three million) to the nearest million.

Knowing what to round to is also an issue. Is there much sense in rounding a number in the millions to the nearest whole ten? Probably not! That is what this worksheet addresses.
You might round the number of people on a coach to the nearest 10 but the number of people in a football ground to the nearest 1000.

Free Y6 maths worksheet: Further rounding

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