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Maths vocabulary for year 1 (numbers)

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We have extensively covered the maths vocabulary that children in reception are expected to come across. The following lists are the new words that they should come across in school during year 1 to do with numbers and the number system.
If a child does not respond to a mathematical question it may be because they do not understand the words or instructions used. Another difficulty can arise when a mathematical term has a different meaning in everyday English eg ‘table’.
Words to do with number:
ones     tens     exchange    digit     teens number
equal to     roughly     half-way between
eleventh     twelfth     thirteenth     fourteenth
fifteenth     sixteenth     seventeenth
eighteenth     nineteenth     twentieth
(all these are frequently used when stating the date; eg it is the thirteenth of February.)
The attached pdf has all these words written twice: once so that they can be traced over and again larger so that they can be cut out or used as ‘flash cards’ etc.

Maths vocabulary year 1 (number system)

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