Posted by Peter on 29th September 2008

Free Y2 maths worksheet: make 5 sided shapes

Free maths worksheet from

A pinboard and some elastic bands are a great resource for young children to use when exploring the properties of shapes.

A reminder that this can be made by nailing panel pins or small nails into a piece of plywood approximately 24cm × 24cm.

Cut out the plywood and mark a grid of lines at 2cm intervals in both directions across the plywood. Tap in the pins at the points where the lines of the grid meet. Leave enough of the pins protruding to accommodate elastic bands.

5 sided shapes are not that easy to draw or make as they can not be made using just right angles. This is a good exploration of the different types of shape that can be made and whether shapes are the same or not if they are rotated.

Free maths worksheet: make 5 sided shapes

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