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World Maths Day

World Maths Day 2009 info from
worldmathsdayWorld Maths Day was a huge success last year, with over one million students from over 150 countries taking part. Altogether 182 455 169 questions were correctly answered. Wow!
Whingate Primary School was the top UK school with 170 139 correct answers. Well done to them! You only need to see how their maths SAT scores have risen over the past few years to know what an effect this event can have!
There is nothing else in the world quite like this and it can act as a great stimulus for children to improve their mental arithmetic. The students play against each other at mental arithmetic games in real-time across the globe. Each correct answer gains one point.
Next year’s event will take place on Wednesday, 4th March 2009 and schools will be able to register in February 2009. This might seem a long time away but if schools are going to enter it might well be worth thinking about it now, make sure the date is kept free and start practising that mental arithmetic!
If you are a parent with a child who loves quick responses to mental arithmetic why not go to your school and suggest they enter? It costs nothing!

For more info go to worldmathsday

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