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Maths vocabulary Year 1 (measures and shape)

Maths vocabulary from

Continuing with the list of vocabulary that children in year 1 are expected to become familiar with is this set on measures and shape. Much of this is to do with time. Earlier sets of words can be found in the reception worksheet section of the site.

Words to do with measures and shape:

roughly                  metre            ruler                  metre stick
seasons        spring         summer          autumn         winter
weekend              month                year             midnight
fast faster fastest
half past          how long ago?          how long will it be to…?
how often?
always         never        often       sometimes       usually
once           twice
point          pointed
cuboid       cylinder

(Taken from Mathematical Vocabulary Book  DfEE)

The attached pdf has this vocabulary written large so that they can be cut out and use as flash cards/display etc.

Maths vocabulary year 1 (measures and shape)

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