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Maths vocabulary: Year 2 Counting and Place Value

Maths vocabulary from

Some quite difficult vocabulary is introduced in Year 2. We shall start with the recommended new vocabulary for Counting and Place Value.
Words to do with Counting and Properties of numbers are:
hundreds thousand
threes fours fives sixes
sevens eights nines tens
twenty-first twenty-second etc
tally multiple of sequence continue predict rule
one-digit two-digit three-digit
place value stands for represents exchange
Much of the new vocabulary will be concerned with the introduction of multiplication and division, so a word like threes will be used in a question “How many threes in six?”
Remember that new vocabulary should not be introduced in isolation, but in suitable contexts.

(Taken from Mathematical Vocabulary Book DfEE)

Below is a link to these words written so that they can printed be displayed.

Maths vocabulary year 2: Counting and Place Value

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