Posted by Peter on 6th November 2008

News: Memory 4 Teachers

News from memory 4 teachers!

memory 4 teachers

I know that a lot of the readers of this blog are teachers, so, if you are a teacher in the UK you might have heard about the Memory 4 Teachers project. The project has been developed, in association with LEAs and Teacher Unions, to support teachers and educators by funding the provision of 750,000 USB memory sticks across the UK – yes, that includes Scotland and Wales!

The sticks have a capacity of 2 GB but are not just empty memory. They will include some great free educational resources and access to some of the best educational sites; from what I have heard the content is going to be really worthwhile. One interesting point is that the memory sticks come with a lifetime guarantee which means that teachers will be able to use the sticks forever.
I believe that the launch of Memory 4 Teachers is due to coincide with the Bett Exhibition in early January.
It is easy for a teacher to register for his/her memory sticks. Just click the link below and complete the online form.
Teacher sign up for memory 4 teachers

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