Posted by Peter on 5th January 2009

Free Y6 maths worksheet: Probability dice

Free maths worksheet on probability from

Probability often causes problems, even with adults. Take a nomal 6 sided die. The probability of rolling an even number is 50%. The probability of throwing an odd number is 50%. So, if rolling a die 50 times it would be sensible that you would estimate that you would roll 25 even numbers and 25 odd numbers.

When actually rolling the die 50 times it is more than likely that you do not throw 25 of each number.

This can make an interesting discussion point: if you rolled a die a million times would you get exactly 500 000 odd and 500 000 even numbers?

However, is it sensible to predict anything other than an equal number of each?

Free Y6 maths worksheet: probability dice

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