Posted by Peter on 3rd March 2009

LEGO Universe: great for technology and maths education

legobrickLego Universe
We all recognise the little blocks and most of us will have used them at some time. They have always had great potential for Technology and Maths teaching but now LEGO is moving into new areas, both great online gamingĀ  and serious technological innovation.

Lego is currently developing its first ever massively multiplayer online game called LEGO Universe, aimed at players from the age of 8 upwards., at the moment is just a pre-launch site. Soon you will be able to customise your own tiny in-game characters and guide them through virtual worlds. You want more bricks to build? Then you will have to complete challenges, defeat enemies and unlock secrets.

If you are looking for the sort of cross curricula educational experience recommended by the Cambridge Primary Review last week, then this is just the right kind of thing.
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