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Maths worksheet: Standard short multiplication 1

standard-short-multiplication-1This is the standard written method known as ‘short multiplication’. It leads on from the earlier worksheets on ‘Moving towards a standard method’.

Before starting this type of sum a good knowledge of times tables is needed.

The stages are as follows:

Step 1: write the sum out correctly

The question may be put in a different layout eg 38 x 7 =

Make sure it is laid out with the units under each other as shown on the example.

Step 2: multiply the units

Multiply 8 by 7 which 56 or 5 tens and 6 units.

Put the 6 in the answer in the units and place the 5 (tens) in the tens column, under the answer line.

Step 3: multiply the tens

Multiply 3 (tens) x 7 which is 21 (tens).

Add the 5 (tens) to make 26 (tens) or 2 hundreds and 6 tens.

Place the 6 in the tens column and the 2 in the hundreds column.

Easy!  266.   All done!!

Standard short multiplication pg 1

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