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Posted by Peter on 20th April 2009

Standard method of short multiplication pg 2

Here is another maths worksheet to practice the standard method known as short multiplication. All these sums have already been set out in the correct way but it is important to remember to keep the units in the units, tens in the tens column etc. This will become even more important when decimals are introduced […]

Posted by Peter on 19th April 2009

News: upcoming maths resources

I hope you all had a great Easter holiday, but now we are moving towards one of the most important terms of many children’s lives, with SAT tests, new school placements, trips out etc. Coming up in the near future are some great maths resources on multiplying by whole tens and short multiplication. We also […]

Posted by Peter on 16th April 2009

Year 4 maths worksheet: Placing negative numbers

This worksheet takes another look at negative numbers and where they are positioned on a number line. This is a good exercise in helping children to count back through zero and then from a negative number forwards, again through zero. Each number line has a different starting and finishing number so care needs to be […]

Posted by Peter on 15th April 2009

Year 4 Maths worksheet: negative numbers

Negative numbers become an important part of maths in Year 4. Usually the best way to teach it is through practical work such as the use of thermometers when the temperature drops below zero. Whilst temperature is read using the term ‘minus’ it is a good idea to read negative numbers as ‘negative 3’ or […]

Posted by Peter on 13th April 2009

Maths worksheet: Standard short multiplication 1

This is the standard written method known as ‘short multiplication’. It leads on from the earlier worksheets on ‘Moving towards a standard method’. Before starting this type of sum a good knowledge of times tables is needed. The stages are as follows: Step 1: write the sum out correctly The question may be put in […]

Posted by Peter on 12th April 2009

News: upcoming maths worksheets

I hope you have all had a good Easter. During the next week we have some great maths worksheets on the standard method of short multiplication, tables, plus paper and pencil methods for division. Also look out for a great negative numbers worksheet, suitable for year 4. We have over 500 pages of free maths […]

Posted by Peter on 8th April 2009

Times Table practice: 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables

This is the second in a continuing series of times table practice for the 2, 3, 5 and 10 times tables. Any child who knows their tables off by heart is at a huge advantage over those who don’t know them. Many maths problems and techniques, such as long multiplication and division, rely on knowing […]

Posted by Peter on 7th April 2009

Year 6 Maths worksheet: Ordering fractions

The big question: how do you put fractions in order of size? It is easy to compare fractions  if the bottom number (the denominator) is the same for each fraction. 3/12 is smaller than 5/12 etc. But if the denominators are different it becomes more tricky. There are several ways to do this (eg treat […]

Posted by Peter on 6th April 2009

Year 4 maths worksheet: multiplying by 10 and 100

Understanding what happens when you multiply a whole number by 10 is crucial to understanding maths at primary school and indeed with later maths. Children should have carried out lots of practical work with base 10 apparatus in school to show that: when you multiply a whole number by 10 the digits move one place […]

Posted by Peter on 6th April 2009

Maths worksheet: Standard written multiplication 3-digits by 1 digit

This worksheet uses the standard or efficient method recommended by the Primary Framework for Maths to multiply a 3-digit number by a single digit. There are other methods equally good, but it is important that children keep to one method that they become confident with. It presumes a good knowledge of tables before starting. For […]