Posted by Peter on 6th May 2009

Maths worksheet: Moving towards a standard method of division

division-2-by-1-digit-2This is the second division worksheet which looks at the intermediate stage between mental methods of division and a standard method. I am not a great fan of this method but it is used in many schools.

The first thing to do, as always is to make an estimate of the answer so that any silly slip ups in the calculation may immediately come to light. The second stage is to¬† find a multiple of ten that can be taken away – in all these examples and questions this multiple is 10 itself. Then we move towards the more traditional method of asking ‘how many…. in….’.

If you are just moving towards doing division, perhaps in Year 3/4 it is certainly a method which can be used.

Division 2 by 1 digit (p2)

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