Posted by Peter on 18th May 2009

Maths worksheet: Standard subtraction of 3-digits

standard-subtraction-3digit-1Here is a basic set of subtraction questions using 3-digit numbers. They should be tackled in the standard method as described in earlier 2-digit subtraction worksheets. Notice that there are no zeros in the tens column as this can lead to particular problems and needs a set of questions all of its own.

The last three questions have been set out in a horizontal form. To answer them they should be rewritten in the standard way. Look out for mistakes where decomposition was needed but where the subtraction has been reversed eg 3 – 7 has been done as 7 – 3.

If these questions are answered correctly and in the correct method then it can be said that mastery of the subtraction method is well on its way!

Standard subtraction of 3 digits (p1)

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