Posted by Peter on 23rd June 2009

Y4 Using a Calculator: Take 10

take-10-calculatorHere is the second of our mini series on using a calculator to check the results of mental calculations. In this case 10 has to be n from various numbers , including six digit numbers. Whilst doing these it would be a great idea to practice saying these larger numbers out loud, as many children find this quite difficult and get little chance to practice.

The calculator can be made into a ‘take 10’ machine. With many calculators by keying in the minus sign (-) followed by 10 then the equals sign the answer -10 is shown. Ignore this, don’t clear the answer, and type in another number eg 450 and press the equals sign and the answer will come up (440).

This calculator worksheet can be used by children of different ages, depending on their ability to read and work with large numbers.

Using a calculator: Take 10

Find this worksheet in Year 4 Using and Applying Maths

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