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Posted by Peter on 31st July 2009

Coming Soon: Mental arithmetic and written subtraction

Holiday time is upon us now, although the promised hot summer has not materialised yet! To pass away a few idle moments, or to keep the brain in trim ready for next term we have both mental and written methods of calculating coming next week. Mental arithmetic is the core of number work in the […]

Posted by Peter on 30th July 2009

Amazing date: August 7th 2009: 040506070809 or 123456789

Two truly amazing times will shortly be with us – but only for a second each. At 5 minutes and six seconds after 4 am the time will be o4:05:06. On August 7th the date will be 07/08/09. Put these two together, so at 5 minutes and six seconds after 4 am on August 7th […]

Posted by Peter on 30th July 2009

Year 3 Maths worksheet: Money problems

This is the first of a new series of maths worksheets for Year 3 on money and shopping problems. This page looks at addition of whole tens at the greengrocers, working with multiples of 10p. These questions should be solved mentally, although children may want to make jottings to help them. Most only need one […]

Posted by Peter on 29th July 2009

Resource of the Week: Counting games for early years

We have a great set of fun maths games for Reception/Early Years and one of my particular favourites is the Counting Goats game. This is really good practice at counting up to 5. Young children can not get too much practice with this both in the home and on the computer. They may well use […]

Posted by Peter on 28th July 2009

Mental arithmetic: Subtract 9 mentally

Here we have a straightforward mental arithmetic worksheet on subtracting 9  from any 2-digit number. Usually the best way to do this is to subtract ten and then add one. Probably the only time that this is not the best way is if the number to take 9 from also has a 9 in the […]

Posted by Peter on 27th July 2009

Mental arithmetic: Know by Heart Pairs that Make 20

This maths worksheet for year 2 children looks at pairs of numbers which make 20. Before doing this children should be confident with, and know by heart, all pairs of numbers which make 10. Once they know these, pairs that make 20 becomes easy; just one of each pair is ten more e.g. 6 and […]

Posted by Peter on 23rd July 2009

Maths Worksheet: Decimals with a total of 10

Another mental arithmetic maths worksheet on decimals, suitable for Year 5. This page looks at pairs of decimals that make 10. Once again there are several ways of tackling these questions. One way is to add on from the smaller number, firstly, the tenths to make the next whole number, and then the units to […]

Posted by Peter on 22nd July 2009

Maths Worksheet: Add 9 Mentally

Being successful with mental arithmetic is all about having a ‘feel for numbers’ and being able to manipulate them to suit the way you like to calculate. Knowing a few basic ‘tricks’ helps enormously with this and gives children confidence. Adding 9 might sound a little dull, but knowing that you can do it in […]

Posted by Peter on 20th July 2009

Maths Worksheet: Counting up, crossing thousands

There are many occasions when a 4-digit subtraction can be done ‘in your head’. These questions, suitable for Year 5, are examples of this. They all involve numbers which are just over and just under a whole thousand. For example: 3003 – 2994 Probably the easiest way to do this mentally is to count on […]

Posted by Peter on 17th July 2009

Coming soon: Counting, addition and more decimals

You can really hit the mark with next week’s selection of worksheets. Most will be to do with mental methods of counting and addition. Firstly, we have counting on with large numbers. Most of these questions cross the thousands boundary and also provide good practice at reading larger numbers. For Year 3 we have an […]