Posted by Peter on 3rd July 2009

Coming soon: Subtraction and decimal fractions

plane2tiltNext week we have a new worksheet on using the subtraction sign, suitable for Year 1 children and, for those slightly older, a page on pairs of numbers that make 20. Knowing facts such as the pairs of numbers that make 20 are important for children to learn. We often go on about the importance of learning tables but these other facts are just as vital to give confidence with mental arithmetic.

We also have two pages on ordering decimal fractions for Year 5 and Year 6. The first looks at tenths and hundredths. A good test of children’s understanding of decimals is to ask them to write a number between two other decimal fractions. eg write a number between 0.9 and 1.

The year 6 decimal fraction worksheet takes a closer look at thousandths, which are important to understand in the context of measurement eg 1000 ml in a litre, or 1000 metres in a km.

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