Posted by Peter on 30th July 2009

Amazing date: August 7th 2009: 040506070809 or 123456789

clockTwo truly amazing times will shortly be with us – but only for a second each.

At 5 minutes and six seconds after 4 am the time will be o4:05:06.

On August 7th the date will be 07/08/09.

Put these two together, so at 5 minutes and six seconds after 4 am on August 7th 2009 the time and date will be:

04 05 06 07 08 09

This will not happen again so enjoy the moment.

clock2Perhaps even better a few hours later the time will be 12 hr 34 minutes and 56 seconds or 12:34:56, so at 12:34 and 56 seconds on 7th August 2009 the date will be:

12 34 56 7 8 9

A unique time to be enjoyed by all!!

(As usual the Americans have jumped the gun as they show the month before the day but we all know this is the right way to do it!).

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