Posted by Peter on 28th August 2009

Coming soon: Tally charts and bar charts and addition.

jpg-sun701This week we have two worksheets on data handling. One looks at interpreting a tally chart on illnesses which people had when they were children. As well as answering questions which can be worked out mathematically it is important to try and use the data to draw some conclusions. So it is a good idea to discuss the results shown and think whether they show a trend or are they saying anything significant about the world we live in e.g.

The second is a bar chart of a type which children may not have come across before. It shows the frequency of events; in this case the frequency of the number of goals scored by ‘The Albion’. The term ‘mode’ is used, which means the most common as well as other terms such as ‘maximum’. These types of graph are quite tricky to interpret and is most suited to Year 5.

We also have another page on standard addition with money – don’t forget those decimal points!

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