Posted by Peter on 11th September 2009

Coming soon: easy and hard subtraction and more pictograms

plane2tiltNext week we have a worksheet for those just beginning to subtract mentally as well as a page on the standard written method of subtraction for older children.

The Year 1 maths worksheet can be used as a check to see how well your child has learned their subtraction facts. There are several ways that this page could be tackled, depending on the confidence and knowledge of the child as it uses the subtraction sign with small numbers. Some children may want to use the number line to count back, others might prefer to use their fingers.

However, before this we will be posting a worksheet on subtraction where there are zeros to take from! One of the hardest ideas to get across to children is when they are carrying out a subtraction which requires adjusting across two columns. This only happens when there is a zero involved.

We also have another in our series of data handling worksheets for year 4, again interpreting pictograms. Each bird on the pictogram represents 5 birds. This page is a starter to show children how to complete and interpret a pictogram so that they can go on to create their own.

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